Honda CR-V 4X4: An Appealing 4X4 in the Market

Honda has been rolling out some of the best vehicles that have already received lot of recognition in the past. The 2011 Honda CR-V remains one of the popular compact SUV that has gained good response from car buyers around the world. Although the vehicle is designed for on-road performance there are buyers that claim that the vehicle is equally good when they use it off-road. The all new 2012 Honda CR-V 4X4 is one of the best compact sport utility vehicles that you can find in the market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of the vehicle in the Honda CR-V 4X4 review below.


On the outside, the Honda CR-V 4X4 does not have any specific changes to the exterior because Honda has decided to go with the same exterior. The front fascia of the vehicle has the similar front grille with the Honda logo right in the front. The fog lights and headlamps are blended well into the front hood to give it a stylish aggressive appearance.



On the rear it has the similar vertical tail light system with turning lights that border well to offer better visibility to the driver.



  • Under the hood, Honda CR-V 4X4 offers two different engines. The 2.0 liter petrol engine is good enough to produce 148 horsepower and 238 lb feet of torque. The 2.2 diesel engine offers similar performance.
  • Both the engines are paired with six speed manual transmission or the optional five speed automatic transmission. The suspension of the vehicle offers better driving experience while the power steering makes it easier for the driver to steer the vehicle the way they want it.
  • The vehicle can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 9.4 seconds which is bit slow than other compact SUV in the same class. However, it offers better fuel economy of 23 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg combined.


  • The interior of the Honda CR-V 4X4 offer simple feelings to the passengers and driver. The dashboard is simple and easy to understand and offers limited choice to make customizations.
  • The seating option inside the vehicle is great and the 60/40 split seats make it comfortable to get more space for cargo.
  • The Honda CR-V offers 589 liters of space but with the rear seats folded it offers 1648 liters of space.



  • Honda CR-V 4X4 is available in the market at MSRP $22,495 and above.

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